Less Stuff, More Joy.
A simple cash registry for your new beginning.
Money with Meaning
You shouldn’t have to ask for stuff you don’t need, and your guests shouldn’t pay for things you’ll never use. Tendr’s beautiful, efficient, and future-focused wedding registries let your guests invest in what you truly want.
How It Works
1. Make it Yours
Personalize your wedding page and let guests know how you’ll be using your cash gifts — epic honeymoon, downpayment on a house, adopting a child, donating to charity — whatever you want.
2. Invite Your Guests
Sending a cash gift is an equally easy experience for your guests. They’ll select a card from our design library, personalize it with a note, and add their gift amount.
3. Receive Your Cash Gifts
Your guest pays a $3 service fee, and you receive the full amount of your gifts instantly to your connected bank account. Your Tendr dashboard keeps track of who gave what and when.
Take a Look
Your guest feels good about sending money in such a fancy package, and you can send a Tendr Thank You card for free, right from your dashboard.
Gemma & Joshua

Dear Gemma and Joshua,

Wishing you a lifetime of happiness together. Best wishes as you begin your journey through married life. Hoping this gift will help you get closer to buying the house of your dreams!

Your friends,
Alex and Jordan


You Received A Gift Of

one hundred dollars


Alex and Jordan

Keep the Giving Going
Registered couples can donate any percentage of their total cash gifts directly to a charity or non-profit organization. Tendr has established partnerships with The American Red Cross, Charity: Water and others, and can easily set up a transfer to the 501(c)3 of your choice.
Common Questions
Is it rude to ask for cash?
No way! It’s actually more polite than asking a guest to spend money on a gift you may never use, just for tradition’s sake. When a guest sends you $50 — they know you’ll use it for something you truly want or need.
Is it unthoughtful to give cash as a gift?
No, squared. The most thoughtful gifts usually come from friends and family who are closest to the bride and groom. For everyone else, a cash gift means much more than an arbitrary registry item.
Why Tendr?
We’re on a mission to save couples from outdated, wasteful wedding customs and put meaning back into gift-giving. A cash gift means choice and opportunity — and that’s way more exciting than a gravy boat. Tendr believes in “less stuff, more joy,” and hundreds of thousands of couples seem to agree.
How Others are Using Tendr for Their Weddings
"A down-payment on our first house"
"Donation to our favorite non-profit"
"To travel before we start a family"
"A nest-egg for the future"
"For our baby’s college fund"
Peace of mind. Peace of wallet.
Got a question about Tendr? Need some help? Our friendly and attentive customer service team is always here for you.
All transactions are PCI Level 1, the same level of security used by the biggest banks and credit cards. In other words, you’re personal information is as safe as safe can be.
Simple, straightforward pricing.
It’s your gift. It’s your money, too. That’s why we never charge recipients any fees or percentages. Tendr is about giving the gift of money. Not taking it away.
There is a $3 fee to send a gift on Tendr. If you choose to pay with a debit or credit card, there is an additional 2.7% processing fee.
Don't take it from us ...
“A more personalized experience when it comes to giving (or asking for) cash.”
“With the simple-to-use and gorgeous site, gifts are never lost or stolen, and the money goes directly into your bank account. Seriously convenient.”
“Faster and safer than checks and bills, Tendr is the simple and elegant way for your wedding guests to give cash.”
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